What. The. Fuck.

Beau of woman stuck on toilet wins lottery

who…. what… wtf? How…?

First of all, how do you let BLOODY TWO YEARS go by, with your girlfriend locking herself in the bathroom? I mean, at that point, can you really call her your girlfriend? Is there really a relationship there? At what point does she become the crazy lady that won’t come out of the bathroom? Or I guess on the other hand, at what point does he become someone who’s holding someone else hostage?

Secondly, how do you spend a month straight on a toilet seat? I’m not a doctor, but you can die from not sleeping for a month, right? So — you’re not dead, so you must have been eating and sleeping …. on the toilet.

Thirdly, I’d really like to know what led to this severely deranged situation. Seriously, what happened? Did they fight and she refused to come out until he apologized, or did she say, “I’m not coming out out of this bathroom until you win $20,000!”


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