needs suck

I am so fucking hungry.

There is no food in this house.

The grocery store is close enough away that I would consider driving there without a license, if my car’s battery wasn’t dead from sitting there unused for so long. It’s too far to walk in this heat.

I could ask my roommate to drive me, but I’m too goddamn proud to ask for help. As usual.

I’ll wait until it cools off. Then I’ll walk.

Sometimes I’m afraid that C tells his girlfriend that I’m in love with him, that this weird game of Secrets and Limits I’ve been playing for the past year is nothing but a big running joke between the two of them.

Secrets and Limits, the hottest new game of choice and consequence, brought to you by Wizards of the West Coast. The adult-only game that will become your life.

I roll natural 20’s in Polygamy, baby. Which is a great one-liner, but also the truth.

I just finished reading Candy Girl by Diablo Cody, and for those of you that are thinking, ‘Gee Golly, that name sure does sound familiar,’ she’s the one that wrote the script for Juno. She writes just like Juno talked. It’s freaking awesome.

5:04. C and M will be by in an hour or so. Which means it’s definitely time to get off my ass and shower. Boo.


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